Enter The Void (DVD Release)

Enter The VoidThis film, directed by Gaspar Noé, was one of the best – and least seen – films to hit British screens in 2010. Now on DVD, it’s another chance for people to discover one of the most amazing, challenging and unique films of the past few years.

Based on the experiences described in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, the film follows – for two and a half unrelenting hours – the spirit of an amateur drug dealer who has been shot dead.

It’s hard to describe what you’ll see: it’s a psychedelic journey throuhgh life, death and memories, where the camera – ie. the spirit of this person – penetrates into people, drifts in the air high above Tokyo, and zooms inside lightbulbs and through walls, until finally entering into a foetus and being born again.

And, credit to Noé, the film is not confusing at all: through all the manic camera work, visual effects and flashbacks, you manage to pierce together the unfortunate story of this guy, who became a drug dealer and got to be killed in a toilet,  and what happened to his family and friends.  Gaspar Noé just  tells a simple, straight-forward story in a complex, innovative way. Truly one-of-a-kind film-making!

Watch the trailer: