Listen! July ’11


Cat’s Eyes by Cat’s Eyes Listen on Spotify

A mix of Phil Spector, 60s Music, dark pop songs, psych. Very good, very cool…almost better than The Horrors. Listen!

The Fool by Warpaint Listen on Spotify

An assured, confident debut. Great songs, great sounds…some guitar sounds that remind of early The Cure. Just great. Listen!

Arabia Mountain by Black Lips Listen on Spotify

Short, sharp & scuzzy. Typical Black Lips. Producer Mark Ronson didn’t change the band’s sound, thankfully. Great rock’n’roll party album. Listen!

In Love With Oblivion, Crystal Stilts Listen on Spotify

Loving this. The quieter side of Jesus & Mary Chain mixed with healthy doses of The Doors. Hypnotic…Listen!



White Elephant, by Ladytron

Taken from Ladytron’s forthcoming new album…less electropop than the tunes the band is known for, but more placid and melodic. Listen!

Sleep Rules Everything Around Me, by Wugazi 

What happens when you mix two legends from completely different styles? Well, when we’re talking about Fugazi and Wu Tang Clan, the result is…genius. Listen!

White Horses, by Dirtblonde

Scuzzy rock’n’rollers from Liverpool. A rollercoaster of a song, with shades of My Bloody Valentine and Wavves. Listen!


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